Udemy - Scratch游戏设计

Udemy — Scratch游戏设计

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  • Lectures — 22
  • Length — 3 hours
  • Skill Level — Intermediate Level
  • Languages — Simplified Chinese
  • Published — 2/2017

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What Will I Learn?

Own a complete preparation of a separate game program;

How to draw the background, modify the role, edit the shape;

Flexible use of variables (computer memory area), the main processing data to take and take;

Master the basic structure of the program: order, cycle, condition;

Understand the program flow: the computer according to the instructions step by step to run the program;

Event handling: Write script (code) to respond to events such as keyboard keystrokes or mouse clicks;

The use of operators includes arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /), comparison operators (<, =,>), logical operators (and,

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