100% Kiwi Business book

9 Kiwi Success Navigators

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Bottling the Success of 100 Kiwi Business Owners

For the last two years, I’ve been working on a special project documenting how New Zealand business is really being done.

It’s the largest most recent study of it’s kind, including 100 business owners and CEO’s from almost every industry, shape and size.

Now I’ve bottled their insights, advice, and inspiration into a 300+ page business reference book you can use to guide your own business.

9 Kiwi Business Success Navigators

There are 9 Kiwi business success navigators for every stage of business from starting, growing and exiting. Here’s the blurb on the back of the book.

100% Kiwi Business is an inspiring guide for New Zealanders growing their business or starting a new one. Packed with intriguing and illuminating interviews, the book explains:

➣how Olympic medal winner and Sileni Estate CEO Nigel Avery, practised the psychology for success.

➢ how tech startup founder Jenene Crossan pivoted Flossie and unlocked new business value.

➣ how serial entrepreneur Steve Nathan, sold his New Zealand payroll business to MYOB and the negotiation tactics he banked on.

➣ how Mitre 10 CEO Graeme Ricketts turned a family business into a Kiwi household name.

Learn what’s working for Kiwi business owners, the questions to ask, and unlock your own success.

➢ View a sample from the book

There are 330+ pages of business insights, quotes and over 200 questions that will challenge your thinking and lead you to make better decisions in your own business. It is the reference book of kiwi success that will help you navigate your own journey.

Read a sample from the book

➣ View the 100 business owners interviewed

These are all one hundred business owners and CEO’s from the 100% Kiwi Business book, listed in the order they appear on the Podcast. Their expertise spans across practically every conceivable field in New Zealand.

View the interviewee list

➢ Learn what interviewing 100 leaders was like

Personally interviewing 100 ­business ­people was always going to be a ­challenge. The first interview was ­released on 12th January 2016 and the 100th and final episode released on 18th June 2017, taking 523 days. It felt like doing a real-life MBA degree, so this book is all of those insights concentrated into an eight-hour read.

Read about the interview process

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