Election Day is finally here

8 November, 2016 | Index

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Gerard Mclean here, from Englewood, Ohio. This is an epilogue letter of one hundred I am writing you on health care; one for each day between your nomination and your election. The previous letters can be found in your USPS mailbox or online at 100HRC.com.

Election Day is finally here. I wish you the best of luck!

I will vote for you, but be assured my vote is because I believe you will work to find some way forward on SinglePayer, MedicareForAll, UniversalCare. My down ballot D votes will be because I am so very tired of living in a country that has demonized health care and education.

We need to reverse that thinking. I refuse to live the rest of my life where sick, dying and ignorant is normal.

You promised.


Gerard McLean
cc: Sen. Sherrod Brown