SPAN Ohio Conference

4 May, 2017

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Gerard McLean here, from Englewood, Ohio, just a bit up the road from Dayton.

As I am writing this letter, the Republican-held House of Representatives is taking a vote to dismantle my heath care and the health care of all Americans. It’s a bit sad, really, that they are gleefully destroying everything that makes America worth fighting for. If we don’t have health, nothing else is really possible.

This past Saturday, I attended the SPAN Ohio conference on SinglePayer in Columbus as a guest author. I met some fantastic people, among them the director Debbie Silverstein and treasurer Barbara Walden. You would enjoy meeting them; I hope you make it back out to Ohio soon.

Barbara discovered my book, Dear Hillary, and bought a copy for every attendee! I am beyond humbled but mostly energized as it means the message of SinglePayer, MedicareForAll and UniversalCare that you spoke of on stage at the DNC last year is spreading that much further and faster. In the hands of the doctors, health care professionals and ordinary citizens at the conference, this issue has the potential of being the single biggest social change I hope to see in my lifetime.

Thank you for the spark that started me writing letters last year that become a book. Have you started reading your copy? Each letter is a quick read, I promise.

I saw you on television the other day. I’m glad to hear you have joined the Resistance, but mostly, I hope you have also joined the Rebuild. While it is important to resist the insatiable ravages of the current administration, it is equally — if not more important — that we continue to build and create. Human beings need to build, to create. We cannot create effectively when we are sick or worried about health care.

SinglePayer, MedicareForAll, UniversalCoverage. Come to my kitchen table for coffee, pastries and conversation. I promise to be engaging and delightful.

Warm regards,

Gerard McLean

cc: Sen. Sherrod Brown, Debbie Silverstein SPANOhio