Creative building blocks.

What’s wrong with me? Whilst Brian Cranston sleeps, he appears to be churning out the stuff I’m watching on TV when I probably should be sleeping. Yet even though I recognise this, I see so little space in life to create.

One of the only solutions I can think of, is consume less — and do more with what I have.

Why? Well, isn’t a consumer’s life a passive one? Being present and involved — being an architect in the story of my own life, in my experience feels good. With all the failures and successes.

Watch less. Browse less. Save reading for bedtime. Don’t necessarily think more, but write more down. Code more. Build stuff. Draw.

Run. That’s one simple act of creation that I discovered a few years back, and actually became quite good at it.

Is it a creative endeavor? Maybe that’s stretching the term somewhat, but I do see parallels with typically creative activities. Running takes practice. It’s very personal in technique and style. It happens when the runner feels the call is right. It encourages meditative concentration (or the avoidance of).

It’s beautifully pointless. Unless there are zombies, it’s just you and the most simple gamification of ‘nice one, you ran today’.

This year, I want to see where running creativity wants to take me. Perhaps a frustrating dead-end. Perhaps away from running entirely. Perhaps 100 mindful miles.