1) I Think Too Much, Therefore I Do Nothing

I stare at the blank page. I think about topics, introductions, conclusions, and the boy. I think so much about writing that I don’t write.

I think about how to achieve professional fulfillment. I think about my career path. I wonder if I should stay the course, or pull a u-turn. Should I switch industries? Being in tech seems to be where the opportunity is, but is it where my opportunity is? I know it’s taking a different approach to my career that will get me where I need to be. I think so much about professional fulfillment that I stay where I am.

I think about how to achieve romantic fulfillment. Am I giving all I can to my partner? Am I simply maintaining the course for fear or being single or because of the value system I was taught during my upbringing? I realize it’s during the tough conversations where I can find the answers. I think so much about romantic fulfillment that I stay silent.

I think about how to achieve financial freedom. I’m spending too much on the wrong things. I don’t invest in my future. I take risks in other aspects of my life but not my money. I think so much about where I want to be that I refuse to change my habits.

No one ever accomplished anything by merely thinking.

I’ve begun my transformation by writing.

What’s next?