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100 Naked Words — Day 5

Reflections, Ripples and Ramblings of a Restless Mind

Photo Credit — Me! Lido di Camaiore, Tuscany

Days Like These

Days like these, wrapped in solitude and cradled by warmth, the scent of pages, coffee and comfort wafting through the house. Days of reflection and introspection, for smiles and busy silence. Of what we want to do, not have to do. These are the days I cherish.

Breaking into the sunset treacle of softly poached eggs, a soft granary toasting, charring and then yielding as mellow, yellow, rich and unctuous butter melts into it. Sips of tea, strong, its aroma pungent with hints of spice that recalls me to silver, porcelain and opulence.

Ink, staining fingers as I let the world wash over me, savouring the ritual of reading, not the words read. As each sheet turns, it rustles a breeze that lingers in the air and disturbs the motes suspended around me. I don’t need to know what has happened in the world, as long as I know what’s going on.

Snoozing on the couch, but not really. Listening to the absence of noise, to the the antithesis of activity. Watching new shows with old faces, no need to think, no need to engage, time to sit and be together.

Comfort food in comfort. Saturated and satiated, depth of flavour to complement the lightness of touch, enjoyment without guilt. Chatter at the table, laughter in our eyes, joy in our hearts.

Dipping into tomes require caution lest they lull you into security before grabbing you by your intellect and captivating you in their unyielding wonder. Days like these can be lost to tales like those.

Dozing off, heart and mind full, a busy day catching up with nothing.

We all need more days like these.

About me: Citizen of the World. I love writing, photography, travelling, reading, learning and growing. Medium is another journey in my life, let’s see what sights we may see.

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