188. How to survive if you’re making the journey through life alone

Understand: it’s not going to be this way forever.

Not everyone has the luxury of having a great support team backing them up all the way through life.

You might be trying to follow your dream by yourself. You’re keeping the candle alight, shielding it from the buffeting winds trying to blow it out left, right and center.

More than once, you just wanted to give in and let the fire be extinguished. It’s too tiring. You can’t do it anymore.

Keep going.

It’s tough now, but the longer you go for, the higher the chance you will succeed. You are the person who needs to believe in the dream the most.

Your belief in the face of adversity is what inspires people to believe in you.

If you’re true to yourself and you believe in your vision, your people will find you… eventually. I promise.


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