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100 Naked Words

25 things I would do with a billion dollars. Seriously. You should think about your 25 too. Seriously.

A pile of dreams. The hope of change.
  1. Put 10 million dollars in a credit union with a history of doing good and live only off the interest.
  2. Put 10 million in another account for my “family and freinds,” as defined by “I’ve at least met you once and you seemed to like me before I got rich.” Everyone else, write a 3000 word essay why you deserve a dime from my luck.
  3. Buy a million dollars of bitcoin. Maybe more.
  4. Put a million, maybe more, into legal marijuana enterprises, lobbies, and legalization efforts. This has become a human rights issue. A state’s rights issue. Our right to choose and make our own medications, without fear of a totally corrupted federal government forcing bad pharma down our throats, can no longer be compromised.
  5. Start a massive human rights foundation. Demand the release of all political prisoners and anyone guilty of a “crime of morality.” Make it economically a bad idea to incarcerate anyone. End for profit prisons.
  6. Begin a campaign of deep surveillance for all fascists, bullies, and trolls. Expose them wherever they are. Shut them down.
  7. “Gun experience” days. Enrich your soul one fiery blast at a time. Going long on this one. Get ready. This is for my fellow lefties. This is the ONLY thing the right gets right everytime. I need you all to get it in your overly ideal and sappy humanistic heads that guns are not bad. They are just a tool. One that every citizen from America to Zimbabwe should know how to use. You can no more hate a gun than a hammer or even a nuclear weapon. Guns are the only tool that makes real democracy at all possible. It’s your right to know this historically proven very effective means of thwarting tyranny. Learn how to use and express it productively or even patriotically if you are so inspired. I’m not a fan of “the state” for the most part anymore though. Our over dependence on authority has lead to the corruption of authority. We do not need an authoritarian POTUS. Quite the contrary. We need one willing to dismantle the deep state. Yes, I see the contradiction of saying this as I outline my plan of being an authority of sorts. Life is a duality. Nothing is ever “wrong” until it is made an extreme in the context of its situation. I have no problem with situational ethics. It’s all gray. Seeing a world in black and white just leads to getting someone killed. Nothing happens in a vacuum. The actions of all are ultimately justified if you dig deep enough to understand that it all stems from suffering; the relief of it or the cause. The only problem is when the concept of justice is not shared because the understanding of suffering is not shared. This includes the actions of terrorists or the state. Both are reflections of the other. Each would have no choice but to sit at the bargaining table if they both realized they have become rabid beasts concerned only with retribution. Retribution is not justice. Retribution has no concern with the future and balance. It is only concerned with entrenching the past and keeping the scale tipped toward dominance. This rarely works well for either side long term. Justice need only be concerned with what can elevate all people to fix what caused the suffering in the first place. Justice is the understanding of the root causes of suffering and doing something to stop it. I digressed here a bit. I did warn you at the top, but justice can only come when both sides have strength. Sorry, but that’s a gun in everyone’s hands now. Be it nukes for every state, or a gun in everyone’s hand, it’s the only way to get equal respect at a bargaining table. Detente maintains peace. It works on the micro and macro scale every time. No matter what Trump does with his saber lately, this will remain true.
  8. Start a new crowdsource/donation funded and publicly moderated social media platform to bring the world back to the middle way. (Wikiface? Wikichirp?) No adds. No bots or “paper people” will be allowed in. No corporations, businesses, or other “entities.” Anyone in it will be a true biological person. Real and individual people only. Cyborgs will be welcomed unless you let yourself become a corporate shill and start spouting off alt-facts. All posts will go through a fact veting algorithm. If a post fails it will not post and the poster will be notified why. Try again with more actual reality next time. No anonymity. You will confirm and publicly post your identity. If it’s worth saying at all, it’s worth publicly putting your name on it. I’ve never hid behind anonymity with what I’ve said. I’ve accepted the repercussions, welcomed them in fact. Time the rest of the world did too. If this is too dangerous to you for whatever reason, feel free to keep on floundering pointlessly in the Trumperverse or Trumpbook. If you say something that goes viral, even anonymously, someone will find and expose you anyway if you piss them off enough.
  9. Fix the planet.
  10. Depose tyrants.
  11. Fix Flint's water. Fix anyone else’s too. Clean up all local sources of drinking water. Make them all sustainable and independently controlled by local communities again.
  12. Buy undeveloped city property. Make it all low maintenance permaculture food forests forever.
  13. Start a chain of intentional communities across the country and globe focused on healing and compassion on all levels of human experience. There are already several models to choose from in the works.
  14. Start a campaign to end rape culture.
  15. Accelerate the political careers of feisty progressive women and men.
  16. Make unions work for The People again. Let corporations and governments know that there is no such thing as an “illegal strike.” When work becomes intolerable labor gets to take a walk until a compromise is made.
  17. Develop sustainable solutions to clean power generation and long term storage.
  18. Develop a 3rd party AI ethics and morality standards certification society. Get the label or be assumed part of Skynet.
  19. Push to end all the wrong things governments around the world subsidize and make them subsidize the things that will start saving this planet, i.e start subsidizing organic farming and permaculture and end it for corn, soy, and wheat. Start subsidizing clean energy and end it for all fossil fuels or anything derived from food. We need to feed people. Not turbines and engines.
  20. Make a campaign to give people alternatives to eating so much meat all the time. Or just scare them into cutting back. Whatever works to greatly curb an industry that is also killing the planet. But what do we do with all the animals that we’ve domesticated for food? We begin the process of de-domestication. We let them run free and help them until a generation has regained enough instinct to live again in the wild. So we’re going to have cows crossing roads and highways at random now? Yes. But by the time this happens AI driven cars will avoid them better than any human reaction could.
  21. Push our educational system toward giving kids sustainable livelihoods and entrepreneurship skills as opposed to becoming just another cog in unsustainable capitalism based on the devastating and, frankly, logistically flawed infinite growth economy model. We do not need more “jobs.” We need more attention to giving people the real freedom to make their own livelihoods. Everyone has something they showed promise in when they were young. Most of us were forced to give up on that. Our rigid public educational system awards only conformity and competition. It needs to reward and foster dreamers that could care less about fitting in or even “winning.” Education needs to reward this new generation of creative revolutionaries. Not squash them into finance or bolt spinning. But, here’s the thing. This too will be only a transition. Soon enough, there will be no “jobs” to have at all. AI will take them all. Humanity will have to find something other than adding to the GDP to “pursue happiness.” Hence, here comes number 22.
  22. At random all over the world, test the policy of basic income for 1000 people. Income will be based on whatever that region’s poverty level is and then add another 25%. This will run for 5 years.
  23. Foster more entities like the Mutual Aid Network, time banks and other local and alternative economies. Help end entities like The World Bank. Move people and nations away from corruption and debt all in the name of becoming a “developed nation.”
  24. Create a global health initiative focused on prevention of disease through economically incentivizing healthy lifestyles. Help people make better choices early instead of depending on expensive medication and procedures later to fix preventable self inflicted damage. Push governments to end subsidies for bad food and start subsidizing more organics. Bad food is costing us too much in medical bills and the destruction of the ecosystem. We gain nothing as a society fostering the runaway expansion of corporate grown corn, soy, and wheat, not to mention meat. These industries continue to only take and put nothing back.
  25. When suffering is found, end it by any means necessary. A billion is just the start. This is just the first 25.



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