28. My 2017 Theme—Do Less

As you roll out the new year, I challenge you to take on a theme. 
How about “Less?” That is mine. 
Take on less things. Do less stuff.

Let’s stop being so busy. As if that is something to brag about. 
Make room for more. More for your priorities. More for the things that are important to you. More for the people that are important to you. The things that align with your values. 
Less consumption. More creation. 
Less news. More optimism. 
Less food. More exercising. 
Less buying. More giving.
Less talking. More listening. 
Less social media. More of anything else, seriously. 
Less booze. More water. 
Less Netflix. More sleep.
Less complaining. More accountability. More responsibility.

We are striving for more. We are striving for busy. Then we realize where all the time went. It was dedicated to things that don’t truly make us happy but to things we think we need to do—to stay important—to stay relevant.