29) Do You Work For a Sick Organization?


People working often have struggles that result from employment at sick organizations. Any company is capable of having unhealthy rules, roles, and behavior.

In fact, like a family or any other system organizations are flawed in some way.

Some have very rigid boundaries and expectations. There is a distinct leader, and to violate their authority results in consequences. This is like a dictatorship.

Everyone in the organization asks “how high?” when the CEO makes a request. Fear rules the day. (See the chart above).

Others operate at the other extreme. It’s a laissez-faire approach. This atmosphere is maddening as no one seems to make a decision, or if they do, someone changes it but doesn’t send a memo letting anyone know.

The boss is like a Teddy Bear, avoiding confrontation and constantly checking which way the wind of acceptance is blowing. This still makes it all about him or her.

This feels like working in quicksand. Nothing ever gets fully done. There’s any number of half ass attempts to make adjustments, but they sink into the mire of gossip, butt-kissing, and personal agendas. This while a leader’s speaks out both sides of their mouth.

This most resembles places I have worked.