30 Days of Naked Words

During the last 30 days I’ve let a few secrets seep out of the depths of my heart and into the cosmos, I’ve begun mourning a dear friend who is forever lost, and I’ve continued to analyse and reflect on my life and the choices I make.

I’ve also embarked on some new personal journeys — writing a novel, lifting weights, and saying yes to more things with sparkly friends. I’m letting new people in, and expanding my life in every way.

Writing daily is so incredibly freeing for me. The taking of time to shake down the clinging thoughts of my day. The searching for words to express my emotions. The camaraderie of talking to other writers. All of these combine with the reading of others experiences, making light bulbs flash regularly in the aid of new growth.

In so many ways, this project is exactly what I needed.

So wonderfully valuable.

Thanks for being on this journey with me ❤