88. 20 minutes

What can you do in 20 minutes?

Go for a quick run, or a small session of work (the pomodoro time is 25, almost).

When you think about it, just the lap of time; 20 minutes is a lot. Yet, when in come to the actual time to do it. Pfiou (that’s a french habit to use sound when we are speaking), it passes in a wink.

When you are limited by time, you can see what you accomplish in a determined time.

The gap between what we think we can do and what we can actually do is huge; for me at least. I want to be able to actually do something in such a short time. Imagine for a second, if when you had 10/20 minutes in your day, you can actually progress on a project. Maybe some of you do, I know I don’t, for now.

You just need to focus. Learn to focus. Be better at focusing oneself.

Enter in a task in no time, with no time of transition. Just be in it. Feel like you do something, be invested in your work.

I still have a long way to go. Yet, I am working on it and I see some progress. Just need a bit more time, a bit more work and some advice.

What can you do in 20 minutes?

Writing this article maybe?