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100 Naked Words

Bought my first Bitcoin today. Maybe you should too.

So, even as broke as I am I still have some money for some investing here and there. Again, before I get too far into this, I am not a finance guy. Listen to me at your own peril. I’m quite perilous probably. I buy cheap and risky as I don’t trust any of it anyway. I follow tech trends and watch the news. I watch for things I consider “revolutionary” for whatever industry.

My “strategy” is firstly to invest in things I care about. We have no power as an electorate anymore but we do still have a voice. Our money. That’s it. Anytime you spend it you just voted for the worldview that gets to live another day. That includes buying a pack of smokes, a donation to your favorite charity, or buying a gallon of gas. Or, as I try to do as much as possible, buy absolutely nothing at all. Money in. Evil out. Every time.

If you chase where every penny goes ultimately, it all goes to the top of the pyramid and stays there forever. It’s a duality I am not fine with but realize I must accept until we learn to do something better with our planet, it’s resources, and how we reward those that consume them. All I can do is take only what I need and leave the rest for another generation. “Need” is a word we all must begin to redefine personally and globally. We need very little. We want everything.

If I feel a particular investment is something that looks promising, I believe in it, and it has a chance in hell of progressing in our culture, I buy into them. Do your own research.

I’ve been looking again at my “weed” penny stocks. I bought some of them again too. They were all doing amazing a couple years ago and then tanked. They seem to be inching back up again despite the oncoming wave of so called “conservatives” now in power. I think even they have realized that there is money to be made now. Few of even them believe the “evils” of marijuana anymore. Most stocks I pick are well under a dollar a share. But back to Bitcoin.

I spent $20 USD and got 0.02226031 bitcoins. Not even a whole coin. Why did I do this? Because keeping all your eggs in one basket is incredibly dumb to me. If all your investments are tied to the US dollar you are assuming that the US dollar will be strong forever. I don’t assume anything anymore. I definitely do not have faith in the global ponzi scheme of nation state fiat. It’s all held together by winks and handshakes made between brilliant trillionaire psychopaths. The gold standard has been replaced with a gentleman's agreement. I’ve not seen a gentleman for a very long time among any of them. I do not have a financial plan much past next week because of it. Everything in the world seems to be resting on nothing but quicksand of varying viscosities.

I remember getting my first real job and everyone telling me to “invest.” If I had then, it would probably all be gone now thanks to the crash of 08. I’m glad I had some fun with what little I made instead. It’s bad enough I “invested” in a now nearly worthless house that I still feel some need to try to pay off and walk away clear. I don’t trust some legal wrangle to get out and later having the bank call me back someday anyway. We’re all just a horrible piece of “austerity” legislation away from debtors prisons officially returning. Big old debts never go away until paid somehow. In blood, time or cold hard cash. “Magic has a price.”

I’m certain many would disagree but I have no faith in any investment anymore. Investing in anything is saying you support someone else’s dream. Dreams keep becoming nightmares with anything attached to money now. I feel the risk between the lottery and a government bond are just about equal now. We’re all just a nuclear Trump tweet away from a global economic collapse. The only advice in such uncertainty is to hedge your bets. Put your eggs into any basket you can find. Hope that some don’t crack when pushed off a cliff.

Bitcoins are going for almost $900 each and still rising as of 1/19/17 8:54am.

Good luck, my fellow fiat slaves!

And finally, if you liked this, then please heart and share it. Or even better, pay me to write something for you! Thanks.

I’m trying to get a bitcoin link but I can’t seem to get a “merchant” account yet. Stay tuned!



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