Coding More. A Series of Fortunate Events. — #92

J M Jackson
Jan 22, 2017 · 1 min read

I have been writing more code than prose this past week. I have a project that kicked off which is letting me get stuck into coding PHP again. I enjoy the planning, the construction, the personal expression through code. It is a fairly interesting application, too. I can’t say too much but, in short, it is a new web-based tool for managing personnel on movie sets. How did I stumble into it? A series of fortunate events (as is the case with most good things). So here’s to writing code. But, in the meantime, I need to keep the journal going. I’ve missed quite a few days due to one thing or another. My stress levels have been fairly high of late but I’m endeavouring to keep busy in order to keep the demons away.