Photo Credit: Gail Boenning (Dogs are tricky subjects!)
*This is a re-write of a story I told yesterday. I’d like to give it a little more of me. Let’s see how I do the second time around. practice…

As I drove into the neighborhood, GPS calling out right and left turns, the rain drops stopped falling and the sun began to peek from behind the clouds. I was relieved an umbrella would be unnecessary for the walk I would soon be taking.

My friend Laura owns a pet sitting business. Truth be told, although I am really happy for her success, I’m a tiny bit jealous, too. She started her business about a year before I started mine. She found happiness and I found failure. It’s going to be OK. Tripping and putting myself out in the world is what I’m meant to do.

Next stop keyboard, words and ideas.

Laura has found a good career for herself, as she is an adept animal whisperer. Her home is also home to four cats, one dog, five guinea pigs, a turtle and a tree frog. She owns two horses, too.

Over a few years time, Laura has grown her business to the point of needing employees. Occasionally, on exceptionally busy days, she has to call on family and friends for assistance.

When Laura asked if I could stop by for Finnegan’s 1/2 hour walk/visit, I was flattered that she asked. It spoke to me of trust.

Kind brown eyes, soft tan curls and pristine white teeth greeted me as I opened the front door to meet Finnegan.

The first impression was quite impressive. He was calm. Laura’s text had reported his age at under a year and a half. My nine year old lab would have been barking, nudging and nuisance making. Not Finn. Cool as a cucumber, he was.

I clipped on his leash and we headed down the road. With about a 1/2 mile behind us, a pick-up truck slowed and stopped. The passenger rolled down the window and reached out a hand to Finn.

My initial thought was that they were going to ask me for directions. Always jumping ahead, I was prepared to tell them I did not live in the neighborhood.

It wasn’t necessary. Turns out the man in the passenger seat was Finn’s owner. There were a few awkward sentences while I figured that out, but we left each other with smiles and a hand shake. The impression I left of Paws To Fins Pet Sitting was favorable — out there doing the job with a smile and a plastic pick-up bag in hand.

Finnegan and I finished our walk with a spring in our steps. Nothing could be finer than a mid-afternoon stroll on a mild November afternoon.

After Finnegan was left to nap on the floor, I headed back into town, Finnegan and fresh air filling my thoughts.

The new adventure piqued my curiosity. If I was gone all day, would I be willing to pay somebody to give Mara some attention? I think I would. It’s that unconditional love animals give that makes us willing to do just about anything for them, no?

My pleasant appointment with Finnegan was the calm before the storm — next stop, high school parking lot. You never know what’s going to happen there!

*different feel — not sure if I like it better — I guess intended audience is relevant — who is my intended audience???? — still trying to figure that out