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100 Naked Words

I left Twitter today. Please let me know if Trump is personally threatening me.

If you see this face near my house, please let me know. Thanks. Sometimes he tucks his neck in, so you know.

I had to leave Twitter. Long story short, I’m a deeply broken human being. I apologize unreservedly. All is well again with those in my family I offended, but not after some badness on Twitter. Sorry again my beautiful family.

Now though, I have an even bigger problem. A problem more than just a few of our fellow Americans have had to deal with already. Seems that soon after the Poison Pecker bangs out some adolescent wrath, his brain dead minions reading it are taking the call to violence. This should really shock us all. Considering the education level of his base, I didn’t think they could read.

Because I left Twitter I will now have no way to know if The Salmon Menace hates me. As an American citizen with full rights of whatever we still have left, I think I should have the right to know when to expect his drone attack on Michigan soil.

I left Facebook a while ago for the riot-without-cops it’s become. I have no intention of going back into that melee. Not even if it gives me that extra five minutes to duck and cover from his little missile.

Not much bigger, so I’ve heard.

So please, just respond at the bottom of this and I’ll take appropriate action to ensure my safety. I get email alerts.

Use some cool code words if you like as this seems all military now. “The Orangutan dropped his banana,” etc.

Maybe I’ll just need a restraining order? Can we do that?

And finally, if you liked this, then please heart and share it. Or even better, pay me to write something for you! Thanks.

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