I run into you at the oddest times.

Such a vim and vigor for life. I wonder which was your chicken. A nod of respect to your egg. I had come to you once, on a whim and an instinct. I had an idea. You were one of the first I could imagine that would grasp the scope of what I wanted to accomplish.

You made time for me.

Listened. Mulled. Suggested. And as I saw you today, I admired your enthusiasm. For seeing me. For recent life events. For your trip to the men’s room. It was all so very… zestful. I forgot, for a moment, where I was and was temporarily stunned by how far I had come since that day in your office. A colorful commissioned piece by an artist we both admired had provided your backdrop. I studied it to avoid studying you as your mind went to work on my questions.

Colorful. Constructed. Stimulating.