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100 Naked Words

I’m weary of winter, are you?

Do you see the face? If you tilt your head just right, you’ll see it smiling at you from up there, among the branches of the old tree in my back yard. It’s barren right now, save for the odd stubborn leaf that simply wouldn’t let go.

I’m weary of winter. We’re up to 9 hours of daylight now.
But still, that’s a lot of dark. Dark and cold and dreary.

So I sit, playing with digital art, because what is winter for if not creating?

My mind wanders away, and of course it does. This time, it’s off to enchanted forests with trees that can talk and sometimes walk, and I remember the stories I once read to my daughter on cold winter nights when she was small enough to sit in my lap. Once upon a time...

But, perhaps a watercolor instead?

See the little bit of blue sky peeking through the leaves up there? Oh how I long for cerulean blue skies. A month from now, we’ll be up to 12 hours of daylight. Patience, dear heart, patience. Spring always arrives, eventually.

Perhaps it will snow big fluffy snowflakes and make the world magical again.

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