One Sentence

Four Words, For Words, Forward

Never doubt your voice!

Oh boy, this is a tough one. I am a class A doubter. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it does leave me quiet on a lot of issues. You see, I never want to offend anyone. I avoid conflict at all cost. I want everyone to like me. My whole life has been filled with rewards for being likeable. Why would I want to shake that up?

Unless a writer is a journalist — reporting just the facts ma’am, it’s essential to express opinion through words. Otherwise, what’s the point? I’ve read my share of pieces in which writers claim to be writing for themselves. OK, maybe that’s true, or they think it’s true. I cannot fathom why somebody would write and publish for the world to see, if they were not trying to impact a reader in some way. I do not write for myself. I write because I want to impact the world around me. This leaves me wondering if I need to become a little less likeable. I do have opinions. I do want to influence thought.

Maybe I can strike the right balance of expressing opinions through stories, encouraging readers to see the world from a different perspective? I like that goal. Look for more opinions out of me in 2017.