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“Satisfied with less.” Let’s “explore” that for a minute.

What if I granted you a kingdom? Would you sell out your species then?



Please. Just stop it. I’ve been around so many egos, charlatans, and would be cult leaders lately to know that all this new “spirituality” is just so much bull shit.

I tired. I really did want to believe it. But I just can’t anymore.

Sure, all of the most successful gurus do believe what they say. They really do! So much so that now we do too!

People that really believe in their own bullshit are the most charismatic people on the planet. So charismatic, that they have even deluded themselves. It’s been this way since the Kings of Egypt and long before that.

They were the original “stay on message” people. The original “motivational speakers.”

“What’s that you say, sir? Pharaoh needs another pyramid so he can live forever? Well, he’s kept the rain falling every year and the sun rising each day. So he says. I guess we better get to work!”

Few gurus are building pyramids anymore but they sure know a good pyramid scheme. They also know that they can get $5000 a ticket strutting around in stadiums that a pyramid would fit in. Either way, “the awakened” fool and his/her money will soon be parted.

Tony Robbins is right.

He is not your guru.

He’s his guru.

That’s it.

He’s a big tall attractive man with the ability to manipulate millions. If he wore sun-drenched flowing robes and stood in front a Ra statue I’d have more respect for him, at least as a showman. Anything less, considering what he does for a living now, is just not being true to himself really.

You may think I’m just jealous. Know what? YOU’RE RIGHT! But not because of what he has. I’m jealous because his kind GETS everything THEY want by convincing you to be “satisfied with less.” In Tony’s case, you can start living with less by giving him $5k.

So, “Satisfied with less.” Let’s now explore that for a minute.

I’m from the 80s. A gluttonous time to be sure. I don’t crave a return to a culture of conspicuous consumption. I feel I need to say that now in case some new ager or millennial busts me for just being an old Xer that only wants to see trickle down economics given one more chance. No. Fuck Reagan and all he stood for. My point is that this was when “Flash Gordon” the movie came out. (Love it. See it asap if you have not.)

Movie philosophies often inextricably connect the zeitgeist of the time. Many 80s movies can’t help but showcase the wonders of cheap energy and total apathy for anything without Ray-Ban sunglasses. The 80s were the 50s, just with a whole lot more cocaine. (So I heard.) Flash Gordon, not as much, but the costumes could only come from a time when “men were men” and women had no choice but to look good in stiletto heels and metallic bikinis. “Spare me the madness!”

Yeah. They really made movies like this.

The main villain in Flash Gordon was, of course, Ming the Merciless (see title pic.) Here’s a bit of dialog from Wikiquote:

The Emperor Ming: You want to destroy me.

Flash Gordon: lt’s the only way to save Earth.

The Emperor Ming: What if l granted you a kingdom?

Flash Gordon: If you what?

The Emperor Ming: Ming the Merciless, ruler of the universe, offers Flash Gordon of Earth a kingdom of Mongo, to rule over as his own.

Flash Gordon:You’re crazy. Why would you do that?

The Emperor Ming: Because l’ve never before met your like. You’re a hero, don’t you see that? Who better to rule a kingdom? Your moon is very close now. Earth’s end might come within hours.

Flash Gordon: You’d call off the attack?

The Emperor Ming: l could.

Flash Gordon: Everyone would be saved?

The Emperor Ming: Yes… and no. After the earthquakes and tidal waves, they won’t be the same human beings. They’ll be more docile. Tractable. Easier for you to rule, in the name of Ming.

Flash Gordon: You mean they’d be slaves.

The Emperor Ming: Let’s just say they’ll be satisfied with less.

Hmm? Sound familiar? Yes, this is about to get political. Go get some crystals and hot ginger tea if you need some buttressing from the reality I’m about to spew.

This is metaphorically the world we live in now. Replace “Flash” with any budding billionaire CEO/middlemen-of-our-suffering and replace “Ming” with the socially parasitic 1% who hold no allegiance to any country, planet or The People. Replace “earthquakes and tidal waves” with the ignorance of not even knowing how bad it is with them in control. I know, and now I want you to “wake up” about it. If not then have “gratitude” that we accept the culling of humanity and the natural world all to make room for more golf courses and skyscrapers. I feel more “mindful” just thinking about it.

Here’s another one that you may have heard, “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people,” Karl Marx.

We all are fooling ourselves into “spirituality” at the cost of yet another enslaved generation after another. This is not the time to be content or grateful for one single damn thing. This is the time like no other in history for the few Flash Gordons left to say FUCK YOU to the 1% of Mings running this planet. We know too much to stay enslaved. We can no longer feign ignorance of where the destruction stems.

Do you see any of them practicing “gratitude?” No? You know WHY?

BECAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY “GRATEFUL!” They are “grateful” and have been for 10,o00 years, that instead of storming their castles, bashing their pyramids, or running headlong onto airplanes with our shoes still on, we choose the “pursuit of happiness” in a gilded cage. A cage that gets imperceptibly smaller and less gleaming with each generation that accepts it.

This is the only “wake up” call.

Any others should be blocked.

Nama fucking ste.

Ken D. Orlich

I’ve been a student of technology, politics, science, and entertainment my whole life. Welcome to my dot connecting perspective on it all! Enjoy! Please share. Drop a dime here if you can. Thanks!




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