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100 Naked Words

100 Naked Words — Day 91


Reflections, Ripples and Ramblings of a Restless Mind

Photo Credit — Me! Lido di Camaiore, Tuscany

What magnificence, what quiet beauty to which we were able to surrender ourselves.

The savanna spread beneath us, majesty at every turn, nature; raw.

And whilst touched by man, it is with a gentle hand and with the care of loving custodians of their heritage.

Here, where the acacia trees stand stark against the bold horizon, where, as the storm clouds gather, here is where my heart rests.

Where my mind expels the constancy of being and is lost to the murmur of the heat on long grass and the hypnotic chirp of the crickets in the night.

I am blessed to be here, blessed to be with loved ones and blessed by the wonder of every moment spent under the piercing gaze of this, my African sun.

About me: Citizen of the World. I love writing, photography, travelling, reading, learning and growing. Medium is another journey in my life, let’s see what sights we may see.



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