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That’s right. I am posting a photo of shadows.


Well, because the world is lighter on my shoulders today. We have not seen sun in over a week. Today it shines bright and strong in the southern sky.

Warm. As I sit against my house, on the deck that faces south, gentle breezes caress my cheek. I am warm and content in stillness.

I take a moment to think about the closing words from yoga practice this morning.

Our teacher credited them to Martin Luther King Jr.’s — I Have a Dream speech. She said, he said, “We all have opportunity to be great, for we all can serve.” A paraphrase of a paraphrase. I apologize for any inaccuracy.

Who do I serve? How do I serve?

Service can come in the tiniest of gestures — a smile, a hello, a touch.

We all can be great, if we choose not to hide in the shadows.

Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light. (tea bag wisdom)




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