The Poisonous Drink — Pt.9

The instant her fingertip met the Widow’s fat fang, it turned that same deep purple. Like water seeping into a paper towel, the venom quickly seeped through skin and flesh.

A look of bewilderment mixed with nausea flashed across Elle’s face, and I pulled her away from the table. “Oh god, let’s get you to a medic.”

I ran to the first security guard I saw. “Excuse me, can you please get her to a medic and call 9–1–1? She’s been bitten by a venomous spider.”

He hesitated for a moment, seemingly taken aback; understandably, he was probably unprepared for such a request. “Will do. I’m going to radio the Mage-in-residence to report here as soon as possible.”

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