The real secret to finding your passion. (illustration below)

Linda Caroll
Dec 11, 2016 · 3 min read

I hate when people say dumb things like
“What would you do if you didn’t have to work?”

I have no idea. Never been there. Not working doesn’t even compute.

I’d probably lay on a beach somewhere for a really long time. But that wouldn’t get me any closer to figuring out my passion...

Best I can figure, here’s the 5 steps to figure out your passion and the first 2 we should all do anyway, whether we care about finding a passion or not...

  1. Get enough rest. Not just sleep. Rest, too.
    You can’t even dream dreams, much less chase them, when you’re chronically tired. You don’t have to be “on” all the time. Sleep enough. Take down-time. Read books. Live. Laugh. Play. We only live once. Don’t forget to enjoy it.
  2. Eat good food and move your body.
    Even just a little. Take the stairs. Park a block away. Walk for 20 minutes. Chase the kid or the cat. Stretch now and then. Eat mostly good food, but don’t obsess on it. Mind and body aren’t separate animals.
  3. Think about yourself as a kid. What did you love?
    You’re probably still interested in the same types of things. Maybe not in quite the same way, but there’s clues if you look for them. Little secret doorways to peek into that can lead you to the interests that call your name.
  4. Stop thinking about it, and start chasing curiosities.
    You can’t “figure out” what your passion is inside your head. Passion is a feeling you get because of what you’re DOING. Doing is the important part. Try stuff. Lots of stuff. Chase curiosities. That’s the only way to figure out what you’d like to do more (or less) of.
  5. Notice what you’re doing when you lose track of time.
    When you’re so engrossed you forget to make dinner, or happily let the house fall to ruins around you, you might be on to something. Pay attention.

Because here’s the real secret to passion…

Passion comes from doing. Not from thinking, but doing. So try stuff. We figure out our passions with our hands, not our heads.

Also, Being GOOD at something doesn’t mean it’s your passion!

There’s lots of things I’m good at that are not my passion. It’s not about whether you’re good at something.

It’s about whether it feeds that hungry part inside you that wants to do something that feels meaningful with the time you have here.

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