To My Dearest Sister

Aakash Dahal
Nov 13, 2017 · 2 min read

I’ve always believed everyone around you is projection of your own self. The inner reality defines the outer one that we live in with each day. With this note, I observe people in my life. The relationship’s I hold with them. The interactions I have with them. Some are fun and happy, with tons of laughter like a club party or a pool party or even a concert. Some are Intense and deep, such as a trek with few rough patches yet profoundly beautiful and blissful.

I’ve always found myself to be the second kind. Then, in this strange trek of life, I met you . “What you seek is seeking you”. I am glad you were seeking me too. Immense as the mountains of the Himalayan. Deep as the oceans of our planet. The love I hold for you is so great that, it amazes myself sometimes. I still remember the day we really met. The day we had those “yamari”. While I was telling you everything about whom I called myself to be. That day, we just clicked. I never realized that I found my sister that I never had. Until, recently when I realized, you have became someone in my life whom I genuinely care for Someone, whom I don’t want to loose, yet no fears because the faith is so deep.

I am grateful to have met you. You are one amazing individual. I respect you for who you are. The “youness” in you helps “meness” in me feel belonged in this strange world. Thank you for making me feel home. Thank you for helping me exist. Thank you for making life more alive and beautiful.

Gracias, mi alma hermana. : )

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