Top Things Human Crave for

(10) Also reason of distractions

I was analyzing my daily and weekly schedule on what are the thing that comes in the way of my achieving goals.

(a) Food

Food is important, we won’t survive without food but sometimes I do over-eat. And waste a lot time.

(b) sleep

Sleeping is also important, sleeping more than required or less than required is harmful and often creates problems.

© Sex and being loved

Yes, I do feel about being loved sometimes, Its human desire, I cannot forgo it anyhow.

(d) Social Media,chatting internet

During last few years these has emerged, although going to social network, internet, chat with unknown or known people does not really mean anything. If someone is really looking for you than he or she will find you in any means.

And posting in social media or spending time chatting there will make your life more miserable than it was.

(e) Laziness

It is the most harmful enemy, sometimes just for feeling lazy we don’t do anything. We delegate our tasks, we tend to be sluggish to do anything in our jobs or chose to give shallow efforts rather performing deep work.

Wishing you all another Good Day in the place called mother earth.