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Trump is good for the service industry. Even though he probably did not intend it this way.

His protests are about to force the hand of cheap business owners.

So, we went to the women’s rally in Lansing, MI on Saturday. The headlines are all talking about the huge crowds. They were. I’ve been to several rallies down there and this was definitely one of the largest I’ve seen. Here’s some of what I saw here in Lansing.

Official numbers vacillate. Somewhere between 5 and 10 thousand people depending on the red or blue bent of the publication reporting. Want to know what else happened on an otherwise lazy Saturday afternoon in the MI cap city? People ate at local restaurants. All. Damn. Day. In huge numbers. Who says politics isn't like sports!

We started the day sitting down at a Cottage Inn pizza place at 11:30 am. By noon there was no place to sit and a line out the door for orders. The staff seemed a bit caught off guard but managed to keep up well. Za was awesome and gave us plenty of energy for lots of hooting and hollering at “The Man.” The Michigan legislature and Guv Snydly are just as much a den of thieves as DC these days. I still can’t believe how this poor and ignorant state went red this year… wait, I just answered my own disbelief with that statement. It also doesn’t help that Dems are wuss bags no matter what level of gov they fester in now. Keep licking your wounds, Dems. Maybe dumping more salty compromise in them will soothe you again this time? Right. Go Green mother fuckers!

I digress.

We went to the rally around 1pm and hung out till about 3pm. Later we met up with family at The Soup Spoon Cafe. One of the most excellent places in town if you’re passing through by the way. We had a reservation for 11 people and still sat waiting for about 20 minutes around 4:20 pm. Not your typical “rush” time at all for this place.

I have a pretty good feeling that every place to eat within 3 miles of the Cap was busy Saturday. I can’t even imagine what places did in cities with larger crowds. What’s that again about not being able to afford $15 an hour for workers in this industry? Do I hear crickets on that now?

Thanks Trump! You just made it a whole lot harder for the owners of these places to bitch about sharing the wealth if you keep causing protests in your name. Your name and any other fucko politician that doesn’t work for The People anymore. If any of them ever have that is.

Viva la service industry revolution! Ironically brought to you as courtesy and repercussion of Trumps classless, and usually tipless, blundering.

Fight the power. Keep eating local when you do.


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