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100 Naked Words

When life is hard…

Al was one of those kids that couldn’t get a break...

For starters, he didn’t learn to talk until he was almost 4.
A slow starter. Didn’t do so well in school, either.

Three months into first grade, Al’s teacher called his mother and said Al wasn’t too bright and he couldn’t “keep up” in class. When Al’s mother complained to the superintendent, he had the nerve to laugh.

Before the pregnancy, Al’s mom had been a teacher. So, 3 schools later, Al’s very angry mother yanked him out of school and home schooled him.

When Al was 12, he was handing a newspaper to an angry man. The man hit Al so hard, in the side of the head, that he fell to the ground. He started to lose his hearing after that. By the time he turned 14, Al was completely deaf.

Growing up didn’t make things much easier…

Al wanted to go to college, but was denied because he was home schooled.
So he got a job.

At age 24, he married his sweetheart. They had 3 kids together, 2 years apart like stepping stones. First a little girl, then 2 boys.

When Al was only 38, his beloved wife died, leaving him to raise their kids alone. Their youngest was only 8.

Somewhere along the way, Al learned he had to make his own breaks…

Hailed worldwide as “The wizard of Menlo Park”, “The father of the electrical age,” and “The greatest inventor who lived,” Thomas Alva Edison filed 1,093 patents in his lifetime.

He invented the phonograph, the movie camera, waxed paper, and modified the incandescent light so it was practical for home use. Because of his mind, we have heat, light, power, music and movies as we know them today.

In 1892, the little company he’d started, Edison General Electric, merged with another firm to become The General Electric Corporation.

Thomas “Al” Edison filed his last patent less than a year before his death.

The one thing no one could take away from him was his attitude.

He said going deaf helped him concentrate because noises couldn’t disturb him. He said every failure eliminated one more thing that didn’t work and helped him figure out what did.

But, perhaps most poignantly, he said;

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Times are hard. They’ll probably get harder before they get easier again.
Hang in there, okay? And, believe in yourself.

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