#82 — The Beast of 2020 Redux

Fairy tale or scary tale? You decide.

Image by Bernd from Pixabay

In the original twisted tale, The Beast of 2020, our heroine found herself at the mercy of a horrible beast, 2020, which brought with it The Sickness. It invaded the rainforest kingdom from a foreign land, forcing the denizens to hide, emerging to forage for supplies only if they could obtain magical wash to douse themselves against The Sickness.



“100 Stories by 100 Writers” is an homage to the diversity of Medium’s voices. The publication will host 100 stories by 100 writers. No more, no less.

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Taressa Watson

Content Creator writing from Pele’s rainforest — Fiction|Non-fiction|Poetry|Blogs| - Connect with me - https://linktr.ee/tlwatson