Kate Seabury
Mar 20, 2017 · 4 min read

Where do you live? New York, NY

What is your profession? Founder and CEO of IssueVoter

How did you get this role and what was your path leading up to this? In politics, I’ve had experience introducing and passing a bill and working in a State Representative’s office — where I saw first-hand that that Representatives really do track every electronic constituent contact, yet so Americans reach out. It was working as a campaign manager and winning one of the most targeted races in Iowa — an open seat in a swing district — where the idea for IssueVoter began.

I remember sitting in the office, working on my laptop and thinking, “There’s so much focus on elections, but there should be an easy way to track what our reps are doing throughout the year.” And also thinking, “Someday technology will get there. Someone will create this and I will be able to use it!” I didn’t expect that someone to be me.

Nearly 10 years later, the idea was still stuck with me, and both astonished and frustrated that something still didn’t exist, I decided to create it.

Sure, there are websites to research legislation (but they require a lot of searching and don’t provide simple summaries), sites to send your opinion to your rep (but they require filling out long forms each time and having to think of your own message), and don’t get me started on petitions… (which are merely a list of names, and the signer has no way to easily track outcomes…) Right now, there’s a lot of chatter about contacting your reps, but we need a way to track actual outcomes, and how they’re voting on bills — IssueVoter does that for you!

Here’s how it works:

IssueVoter is a non-partisan website that helps you make your voice heard in Washington with just one click, and tracks how often your elected officials vote your way — keeping politicians accountable and helping you make a more informed decision at election time.

How IssueVoter works:

1. Stay informed year-round: You’ll receive targeted alerts before Congress votes on issues you care about, summaries of bills, and we offer pros, cons, and related news for context.

2. Make your voice count: You can send your opinion directly to your rep — in one click.

3. Keep politicians accountable: IssueVoter tracks your rep’s votes and bill outcomes to help you make an informed decision at election time.

What did you study in school? What advice do you have for someone looking to do something outside their field of study and how should they approach it? After graduating from UT-Austin where I majored in Finance, I worked at JP Morgan in investment banking. In terms of exploring opportunities, I don’t think anyone needs to limit themselves based on what they studied in school. The important thing is to find the trifecta of (1) what you’re good at, (2) love doing, and (3) the world needs (i.e., will pay you for).

Has anyone been a mentor to you? What role did they play and how do you feel about mentorship now? I’ve gotten valuable advice from so many people from peers, to bosses, to those in my network, and friends. As a mentor, I think it’s important to be approachable and listen well and speak candidly.

What’s the hardest thing that you’ve had to deal with in your career so far? Our mission is to give everyone a voice in our democracy by making civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful. I hope to build a product that people didn’t even realize they needed before they had it. Before Facebook, we weren’t sitting around thinking: “I need a profile of myself online so that I can connect with friends.” So, achieving such a far-reaching goal and charting new territory are my big challenges right now.

What has been a really rewarding moment in your career? I’m grateful that there have been so many that it’s hard to mention just one! Most recently, it’s hearing from our IssueVoter users and that they love the service we’re providing!

What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime? I’m passionate about fixing significant, systemic problems by leveraging creativity and determination to achieve world-changing results and impact.

What’s something you want young women to remember when thinking about their future? 1. Ask yourself, “Would I regret not doing this?” If the answer is “yes,” then you owe it to yourself to do it.

2. Remember, you can control your inputs/actions but not the outcome — do your best.

3. Listen to and trust your gut.

What’s one thing you want to try to make an impact on in your lifetime? I want to give the majority a voice and have a truly representative democracy.

Where can people find you on social media if they’d like to connect with you?


· issuevoter.org

· twitter.com/IssueVoter

· facebook.com/IssueVoter

· blog.issuevoter.org


· twitter.com/MyDaysAndNights

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Kate Seabury

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100 Women, 100 Stories

During the first 100 days of having a new president in office, we’re sharing a different woman’s story highlighting her plans for the future. Nominate someone!

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