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100 Words About

100 words about the power of shipping

Success favors those who ship. We romanticize the idea of the genius who creates something amazing — as if by magic.

But, the reality is less sexy. To have a handful of great pieces, Mozart composed 600 pieces, Beethoven: 650, Bach: 1,000.

Shipping is hard. You have to overcome a fear of embarrassment and failure. Those fears get mixed up with the fear of the blank page. The result is: it’s hard to start. If you can’t start, you can never ship.

Shipping in itself is a skill. A skill separate from writing, or coding, or cooking. Take time to learn how to ship.



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David Kadavy

Author, ‘Mind Management, Not Time Management’ https://amzn.to/3p5xpcV Former design & productivity advisor to Timeful (Google acq’d).