How does it feel?

It’s tempting to try to think through and reason a decision. What amount of your time are you investing? How much money will you get in return? What percentage of your target market will resonate with this logo in purple? What about blue?

Ultimately, don’t forget to ask yourself, how does it feel?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou

Feeling is the critical component of whatever you do. Your customers don’t buy it for what it does, they buy it for how it makes them feel. That partnership agreement you’re about to sign, the numbers may match up logically, but how does it feel to be beholden to that agreement?

The iPhone didn’t make sense. It didn’t have a keyboard, and you couldn’t even copy-and-paste at first. But it made you feel powerful, the first time its monolithic form rested in your hand, and you flick-scrolled across a solid glass screen.

That book you wrote isn’t just about what it helps the reader do. It’s about how that reader feels when telling someone at a party about the book. Does it make them feel smart, powerful, or conscientious? Or are they too embarrassed to mention it? It matters.

Feeling sounds subjective. It sounds like a New Age approach to ignoring data, and rationalizing yourself into doing whatever you want.

But if you give yourself permission to pay attention to how you feel—if you put yourself in the minds and hearts of your customers, or a future version of yourself—then look back on whether you were right, you can start to sharpen your sense of feeling, and make something unforgettable.

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