A Hard Nut to Crack


This is the 24th day since the establishmet of “100 words of the Day”. Unbelieveably 1/4 of the time has passed and I realized how hard it is to turn it into my habit.

This platform is created with my friend with the goal to improve our English proficiecy. In first few days I am able to write, and set a daily alarm at 1030pm to remind myself. While after the second week, the alarm has no use to me. Even though my mind is whispering to me I have a mission to complete, I choose to laid on bed, watch drama or sleep.

After self-reflection, I realised there are two things hindering my motivation to keep on writing: 1) I am a perfectionist —I try to polish every wordings before I posted. This is a good sign, meaning I have the desire to improve. Ironically I am to the extend that it will take me an hour to finish 150 words; 2) No short-term goal — I have a goal in 100 days, while I lack a daily/ weekly goal to guide me there.

Therefore I will select 4 topics and starting from tomorrow I will select one per week (e.g.exercising, reading, technology…). It serves as guidence and provide me a specific inspiration everyday.

Hope this works.