Be the Void is lonesome in Dr. Dog’s discog

I have a suspicion!

When I feel like listening to Dr. Dog—which is pretty damn often—I have one of two things that I’m in the mood for:

  1. Be the Void
  2. Any other album

This is a strict bifurcation. It’s not that I don’t listen to multiple albums sequentially—including Be the Void sometimes—but more than any other band, I get in the mood for this one album totally separately than their other music. My conjecture is that

Be the Void is sonically distinct amongst their music.

The Problem:

You know where we go from here. We gotta look at some clustering algorithms on their music. We gotta look at BPM, and Chords, and other… things. We gotta throw the Dr. Dog songs, and some other songs, into our data processor, cluster the various metrics, and see if I’m right.

Guess it’s time to learn some more signal processing…

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