Gathering Arrows

Gathering 100000 arrows Illus. by Song Shikai

The famous tale of Zhuge Liang and his arrows from Romance of the Three Kingdoms teaches us to accept borrowed arrows in our battles.

In this micro-blog, I intend to openly publish my ideas. This was inspired by a few things:

  • I often feel pressure to work on all my ideas before telling anyone about them, and this makes me feel like a continual disappointment to myself. This will hopefully remove some of that pressure.
  • I recently listened to A.J. Jacobs discuss the notion of sharing ideas very openly and rapidly. I love idea sharing, and I feel like this is the most extreme example of it. Admittedly, there is a hope that my better ideas that come up will get attention, and I’ll be motivated by those which people are more interested in, and the boring ones will get forgotten.

Steal these ideas

I can’t work on everything. So if you see something that inspires you: do it.

Please let me know how it goes, and feel free to dialogue about it. My greatest hope in all this as that some of my ideas become reality.

The most credit I ask for, is a link to this blog, but tbph, I’m not going to come kick down your door.

Best of luck in your battles,

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