Day 3 — Culver’s City

It is usually thought that businessmen own business. But really, you can’t own businesses. You can do business and that will lead you to owning a part of something you’ve collaborated with. But truly, you never will really own businesses. You see, companies (or organisations, or associations) are only a set of people and they (the companies, organisations or associations) will only be as good as the people who are part of them.

The same goes for cities and countries: People, cultures and beliefs are what makes a place worth visiting (or called home).

Harry H. Culver must have known that. When he founded Culver city, he created an environment where culture, movie studios, technology and accessibility attracted people for business, pleasure and yes, those who will call Culver City home.

One hundred years later, the city has grown unimaginably big and it’s still a place for movie studios, technology, culture and many businesses… Including where I go to work.

Cheers to another 100 years!

The photos:

Stay strong,