Day 4 — The Story Of A Pier

When I was a kid I used to draw piers in my notebooks. It was so enjoyable to draw them because of the perspective (the long lines pointing to the horizon and the water to the sides were mesmerising to me). In my drawings I imagined piers were made from wood and had big long logs on the sides that held the horizontal planking. The piers I draw were sometimes with a dark background of fog, and very often, at night with a big shining moon. But the one I used to draw the most was a setting of a wooden pier with the sunset in the background.

Currently I live in LA and I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by piers. I live in the City of Santa Monica, only a couple of minutes from “The Pier”, and yes I do love walking on that pier.

A few miles from there you’ll find the Venice Fishing Pier: It is my favourite place to go see sunsets in the winter. During that time, the sun sets straight in the middle of the dock and the ocean gets a beautiful shine and a golden color. It’s magnificent.

It isn’t winter anymore, and despite sun having already set, I went there today. It was wonderful. There was still a ray of light and the sky was painted with a clear blue hue that had hints of red and purple. So precious! A marvel that needed to be shared.


Stay strong,