Day 9 — Before… Just Now. And more will come.

I took this photo today just after I landed in Denver, CO. To me, this is one of those photos that I’d probably post on my Instagram page. Also, one of those I’d probably would never post. It’s contradictory, I know, but let me explain.

When it comes to my work (office work), I jump straight away into what I have to do. When I get an email, I don’t delay it. I’m prompt. But when it comes to Social Media (even my Medium blog), I feel like I have so much time, things can wait until tomorrow.

So I wait. And then I wait. And days go by and I never post my photos. I even have photos from England and Germany from a few months back that I still haven’t posted!

So I’m going to get on with things immediately (Social media wise). And those photos, those that I took a few months back, they are coming to this blog… And the ones I once thought I’d post.

The thing is, it seems that it’s always about finding the right photo, a better photo but when it is not. It’s about a moment you felt is worth sharing. So that people see it through your eyes… When you saw it.

So in this entry you’ll see some photos from before… Just now. Today. And more will come.

Stay Strong,