My Best Read Book: Last Days at Forcados High School

Image Credit: Unsplash

Last days at Forcados high school is a book written by A.H Mohammad, who was born in Lagos Nigeria. He obtained his medical degree from the university of Lagos and currently a junior resident doctor at Lagos teaching hospital. The last days at Forcados high school is his first book.

The novel being a novel for teenagers and listed in the young adult genre was adopted by JAMB UTME 2015. A funny and brutally story about tolerance, self discovery, family, friendship and life on the brink of adulthood.

The main character in the novel are , Jimi Solade, Ansa, Efua Coker and Nene. The book tells a fiction story of Jimi Solade, a very brilliant student of the prestigious Forcados high school, his life with his best friend Ansa and Nene who are all in their final year in secondary school.

Jimi had a rogue brother ‘ Wole , who his father had banned from the house because he wasn’t serious with his studies and had also forged his father’s signature to collect money from his bank account through cheque.

His mother, Kemi was a nice woman who their father often blame for the misconduct and rogues life Wole has been living due to her over pampering of the children. His father, Kola, was a businessman and a strict man to the core though he has no time for his family due to his business activities.

Jimi is the health prefect boy in his school, the best student in chemistry and many other subjects and the best football player in the school and was loved by all, he had a girlfriend named Caro.

Things start changing for Jimi when a new girl, Efua Coker was enrolled into his school. Efua Coker, a very attractive young girl was brought to Lagos by her Flamboyant and carefree mother Funmi, to stay with her aunt, Moni from where she could attend Forcados high school and complete her final year in the secondary school.

Nene who is a devouted christian was introduced to Efua by Aunt Moni and Nene in turn introduce Efua to Jimi and Ansa but Efua was repulsive to the boys and it made Jimi got angry.

Everybody in the school disliked Efua for being unfriendly and later went ahead to nickname her “ the witch” Nene also tried to talk to her but she snapped her.

A youth corper, Miss Agbenenovi was introduced to the school by the vice principal. Efua become friend with the corper when she was amazed by the way Miss Agbenenovi saved a faint junior student by administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him. Efua later joined Miss Agbenenovi on her community programmes that involves the saving of lifes, helping the needy etc.

Jimi’s mother fall ill and was diagnosed of ovarian cancer making Jimi felt downcast, his condition make Efua become closer to him and to console him and that had made Jimi a happy boy.

Alas! Jimi’s mother gave up the ghost. It was a terrible experience for him. Not long after their mother’s death, Jimi’s father , Kola embarked on a business trip and as soon as Mr Solade left, Wole turned their apartment into house of commotion, always hosting parties and forcing Jimi into illicit drugs.

Nene was becoming jealous of Efua sudden relationship with Jimi. Nene stumbled upon a letter written by Efua to Miss Agbenenovi, the letter seems romantic and Nene misinterpreted Efua relationship with Miss Agbenenovi thinking that they were lesbian, she told Jimi about the letter and was later leaked by him though unintentional.

Efua and Miss Agbenenovi become a laughing stock and was summoned by the principal, Mr Mallum, Miss Agbenenovi denies the rumours and was caution by the principal not to get too attached to her student and Efua was sent home to bring her guardian the following day.

Efua mother influenced the principal decision not to suspend her daughter, Jolly who photocopied and leaked the letter after he stumbled upon it in Jimi’s locker when looking for assignment to copy was later flogged publicly by the principal. Efua later fell ill after being scold by her mother because of the incident and later called “my daughter” by a mad woman was rushed to the hospital.

Nene later felt guilty of what happened and went to visit Efua at the hospital and apologized to her, Efua told her about how her step father who her mother married after her father’s death when she was 12 used to abuse her sexually.

Jimi on the other part was swallowed in his thoughts, Nene no longer talk to him and Ansa was angry with him over the way he treated Efua.
Jimi got into trouble when the Chemistry Laboratory he had a spare key to got burgled. It was later report that his brother, Wole was caught when he was trying to sell some stolen laboratory equipment.

Wole named Jimi an accomplice in the crime and within some minutes news spread around the school that the school hero, Jimi Solade, is at the police custody being question about the laboratory theft.

Jimi lied that he assisted Wole in the robbery with the hopes that the charged against his brother will be suppressed. Jimi was punished in school and also banned in participating in any social activities going on in the school.

The day Jimi was to made to publicly apologise to the whole school, Efua stood for Jimi and made principal and all other student to know the whole truth. The principal pity Wole and dropped all charges against him. Jimi felt guilty that Efua helped him in his time of trouble while he didn’t in hers.

They all did well in their final years examination, Nene was hoping to study Accountancy, Ansa planned to study Architecture and Jimi won a scholarship to study electrical engineering.

Shortly after, Efua left the country unannounced she wrote a letter to Jimi, saying she likes him too and that she was proud of him for what he did for his brother. Jimi was very happy after reading the letter……. It was a happy ending for all the friends.

Disclaimer: I am neither the author of the book nor do I have any affiliation with the write. I only referenced the book as the best I have read which is a part of my #100DaysWritingChallenge.