Shape Up or Ship Out

Credit: Web Agency — Unsplash

Theresa Macaulay lives a flamboyant live being born with a silver spoon, her father is a business tycoon while her mother is a specialist surgeon. Her mother died at the operation room immediately she gave birth to Theresa. 
Mr Macaulay barely fainted on hearing the news about the loss of his wife, he thought of how he could live without his wife and nurtures his only child alone.

Mr Macaulay and his wife had married for about eleven years before Theresa was given birth to. When Theresa mother had her pregnant, the couple was very happy, Mr Macaulay treat his wife with more love, he decided to cancelled all his business trips to have attention for his pregnant wife.

Theresa being the only child was over pampered, her father ensured that she attended the best school in the country, Theresa arrogant and bad tempered cost a lot of teachers their job. Mr Adam, her chemistry teacher in secondary school didn’t lose his job only but also get arrested by the police force for beating Theresa because she was shouting in the class and complaining that the class was boring.

I met Theresa during our National Youth Service Program (NYSC), she is a beautiful lady and I was beamed on sighting her. I quickly become friend with her but though she is intelligent, nice and friendly but her arrogance, bad tempered, rudeness and aggressiveness are major problems but I didn’t care about it since I truly love her and I believe she loves me.

Theresa introduced me to her magnate father, though my parent are not that rich but Theresa father accept me wholeheartedly as his son-in-laws and also promised me a good job in the oil firm after we finished our youth program.

Theresa and I are living fine but I was getting tired of her insolence behaviour, I couldn’t forget how Theresa public disgrace my friend Clara, and I, she slapped Clara when she saw us together, she thought I was having a love affair with Clara which is definitely wrong.

Clara also want to retaliate but I quickly console her and explained the situation.

After we finished our youth program her father sent for me and asked why I still haven’t propose to her daughter that Theresa has being getting worried over the delay of my proposal and the less attention I am giving her then I explained to him that a beautiful wife without manner is nothing but a waste, I am a Yoruba guy and we values respect in my ethnic.

Theresa father being a good person understand me, he also promised me that he will talk to Theresa and within some days I will see the change in her.

After meeting his father, I wrote a letter to her and explained my recent changes in behaviour towards her, the reason am not giving her enough attention anymore and why the proposal is still being delay, telling her that if she truly love me she should shape up with her behaviour or rather ship out.

Theresa, after reading my letter was afraid that she might lose me to someone else and because she truly love me she started changing her behaviour, she even went for an advice on etiquette.

Theresa become a good lady, stop being rude, have a good manner, she even learn how to cook. I couldn’t believe that she could change immediately like that, I was even confused that she might be pretending but Theresa has actually changed.

We got married and live happily after.