100 Days of Code: Day 21

All the ES6! Covered default parameters, the spread operator, set, map, WeakSet, WeakMap, arrow functions, and started on promises. It was around promises that I decided I was over saturated for that day. I understand promises are basically functions that are set up to have something occur in the future, but I haven’t used them in vanilla JS (or at least I don’t think I have) so I’m not sure why they’re important or what you would use them for in an app or site.

I also worked a little on the AUSA site today. Added some new content and explored some errors I found in the console. Nothing too terrible that I couldn’t handle.

I was given a link to an awesome ReactJS book called Fullstack React. It teaches you React in a way that is understandable, uses ES6 so I’ll actually be able to use the stuff I’m learning right now, and won’t be out of date because once you buy the book you get free updates every time React updates! I downloaded the first chapter and I’m really enjoying reading it and I actually understand what’s going on in the app. Plus, the author is available for any questions or feedback you may have on anything in the book.

I’m excited to finally have something that makes sense, updates when the library updates, and has help available when you need it. Sounds like something like that would be common sense but it’s not for some reason.

Anyway, that’s it for me dear readers. Stay classy, be awesome, and code on!