100 Days of Code: Day 6

(Note: Completely forgot about the time change. Actually got this in at 11 something pm BEFORE the time change. Take that Daylight Savings Time! My day 6 still counts as Saturday!)

Very tired today after working at my local retro video-game store today. (A big thank you to the owner and the store manager for allowing me to help out on Saturdays!) There were a lot of people in short bursts throughout the day, and many of them with very young children that try to pull down Xbox 360 driving wheels onto their heads, but it helped make the day go by faster. Needless to say, a very much needed nap was in store for me after getting an early dinner of pizza and Mountain Dew. Because stereotyped nerd/otaku is stereotyped.

Anywho, for my hour of code today, I finished out the Directives section of the Codecademy AngularJS 1.x course. It took me a while to understand what was really going on with directives, so I took my time to understand the notes I was taking (I hand write my notes — hard practice to break after studying History) and to understand what my code was doing. Ended up with a weird error that was saying my function wasn’t being called even though it clearly was, so I reported it to the devs at Codecademy. It’s probably something I typed incorrectly and just can’t seem to notice since I’m new to using Directives.

But I did learn how Directives are used to add in self-contained interactive components to an AngularJS site that have them behave as native HTML components instead of an extra layer of components on top of the HTML like jQuery does. I’ll have to get some practice with this in work outside of Codecademy, but this will come in time.

So more progress today with learning AngularJS. It’s slow progress, but I’m learning what I need to understand the basics so that works for me.

And that’s it for me tonight. As always dear readers, stay classy, be awesome, and code on!