100 Days of Code: Day 7 (Part 1)

So the nap I took earlier has messed up my sleep schedule. Needless to say, I’ve taken this negative and turned it around into a positive and just kept coding.

I finished the AngularJS 1.x course on Codecademy and now feel like I have enough notes and knowledge of the basics to continue with my Professional AngularJS book. I do feel the Routing section needs some work. I noticed none of the photos that were supposed to show up on the “live” view never actually showed up. I checked my code, which is surprisingly correct even with me being awake this early in the morning (currently 3:25am post Daylight Savings Time), so that isn’t the problem. And the other files that are being used in the lesson also seem like they’re correct, from a novice’s POV anyway, so I have no idea why it isn’t working correctly. Thanks Codecademy. I had such great hopes for you and you let me down right at the end.

So my plan at the moment is to continue in Professional AngularJS book and hope I can understand what’s going on when Routing does show up.

So I definitely feel like I made some progress today. I finished a course and feel like I learned something, so that’s a positive for me. Did I learn enough to be able to write my own AngularJS app from a blank document? Hell no! I definitely need more info before I jump into that end of the pool. But at least I have my kickboard at the shallow end so I can get myself ready for the deep end. (I’m so tired right now so I really hope that comparison makes sense. If not, completely disregard it as the ramblings of an extremely exhausted coder that is most likely fighting sleep and needs to go to bed.)

And on that bombshell, I’m going to put myself to bed. As a great friend of mine described at Magfest this year (where I was also up past 3am and then had to drive home the next day — I don’t advise doing that), I’m at that point that a 3 year old reaches where they think they’re not tired and they’re just being petulant about it. So my dearest readers, stay classy, be awesome, code on, and good night!