100 Days of Code: Days 45, 46, 47

Yay! It’s almost done!! Hooray! Yay!

So I think I’m getting sick again…or my fibromyalgia is trying to make my life miserable…or some horrible combination of both. Ugh! This is miserable! But I’m not letting it stop me from coding as you can see. It just stops me from being able to be awake enough to post my progress since I code and then pass out for the night. Lolz

Anywho, my app is almost done! Yay! I love how this one is turning out! I feel like it’s an improvement from my previous app. With a little more aid from the FreeCodeCamp forums, I was able to get the weather for the full 7 day forecast showing up on my app. After I had my hand held (I’m not afraid to admit that — even the best experts have to have their hand held when they’re stuck on a problem whether they admit it or not) I was able to set up my loop so the temperature and corresponding icons were able to show up. I was also able to use Moment.js to get the current date to show up as well as the day of the week.

The rest of the time, I’ve been struggling with trying to get my styles working correctly. I hate media queries but they’re a necessary evil now. Here’s hoping my patience keeps up since I’m so close to being done.

The things I need do work on next are getting the rest of the days of the week to show up using Moment.js, get a toggle button for the temperature to change from imperial to metric and back, and work on the (ugh!) media queries. I really think this is going to turn out well though. It just takes some time and patience at this point.

Well that’s me for tonight. Stay classy fellow readers and code on!