Day 12 of #100DaysOfHustle: Introducing Müge!

Hi! I am Müge and working to make my ideas real. Three weeks ago, I came across some street art in Liverpool. I remember an inspirational quote by Coco Chanel; “If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”

I am recently graduated in Business Management from the University of Liverpool and Istanbul Bilgi University with full scholarship. But it is not the only thing that I have done in my life.

A birthday scene from my AFS Intercultural Program Camp in 2009

I won three cups and a medal as a football player when I was in secondary school. Then, being the high school representative and organised two student festivals with a group of my colleagues. After that, I decided to make an exchange year in German high school in Germany and lived with a lovely German host family for a year. I’ve changed myself to be a global person and empathetic thinker by making friends with people from all around the world. One of the significant things I learnt from my first time abroad was being adaptive into every situation. End of the year, I could speak the language fluently and filled my heart with love and lively people forever.

After that, I entered a dual degree program which I studied in two universities and different countries, Turkey and the United Kingdom and the result is I gained two diplomas from both universities. That was a big challenge for me, I even was really bad at language courses, and my language teachers until university, were awful people, they destroyed my confidence and interest for learning language, what a shame. But after being amazed by my international experiences, I just could not stay away from abroad and I chose to study an english course, a language I had no idea about. I started to learn the language six years ago and I graduated with a 2:1(GPA:3.00/4.00). I think at that point I want to thank to my flatmate, BFF, friends and family who encouraged, helped and believed in me.

After graduation, I could not leave Liverpool for some lovely reasons. After living in big city here is like a heaven by transporting only by my feet or cityBikes (I even went to collect my graduation gown on cityBike Liverpool). I found many volunteering opportunity like I was doing in Turkey for years, at the moment, I am a volunteer for the project Include-IT Merseyside to help older people learn computer skills, that will help them find a job, every week.

But the most important reason, the city and people who I came across make me happy here all the time.

What’s the future looking like for you?

I made a future CV that shows my career goals. There is written:

— start-up consultant (hopefully in We Are Nova), 
 — jr. UX designer in a visionary company (not aimed yet), 
 — co-founder of start-ups (have many different ideas), 
 — senior start-up consultant (freelance by living in my house with a big garden — I love gardening and eating fruit and veg from their sources as fresh).

As I mentioned, I am an idea creator, because of that I can imagine myself in different roles. Especially, in this age, we know that we can change our career path more easily than old times. Catalyst Program is an amazing opportunity for my future. This gives me the chance meet people who I will probably work with in the next 10 years, overcome my anxiety about business area in the UK, and encourage myself to make my ideas my reality. It is really helping for achieving my goals to build my life in the UK. Thank you, Innovators Hub! :)

What are you doing during #100DaysOfHustle?

I am learning web developing language that are HTML, CSS and Javascript and also advanced designing courses to learn more details to think as a designer. I also aim to improve my photography skills to take good product photos. I even set up a small studio for that in the house.

Photoshooting for a turkish towel company

These are my next 100 Days of improving my digital art skills. I am writing business plans for small companies and design digital branding such as presentation templates, social media posts, e-mail templates, logos and so on.

What have you done today?

Today, my daily life was so busy but I could finish my final steps of HTML on Py app which is very useful and fun. And now, I will watch my Adobe Muse videos to learn how I can make stunning website or app prototypes and front-end designs by adding more advanced graphics from other Adobe programs.

Hmm, okay, I need to admit here something I did not watch Harry Potter until now. So I am watching since last week the series and really enjoying with the help of my partner. I watched Harry Potter — Order the Phoenix today (I put a link for you and you can listen a good music by KVSH-Potter which I loved 2 months ago).

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