100DaysUI — 005: Users Are Not Edge Cases

Accessible Maps iOS

Hanan A.S.
Jan 10 · 2 min read

Disability complicates life

healthy people rarely think about people with disabilities while commuting from point ab. Designers fall into that trap quite often. So as healthy people who usually commute alone they tend to forget that not everyone is blessed with such luxuries as youth, independence and health.

Maps applications pay no mind to people in wheelchairs. Or people with baby strollers, people with leg injuries, vision impairment and any issue that could stop someone in their tracks before completing a simple trip.

How can it be better?

I see no information about stairs, availability of ramps, elevators or pedestrian bridges. And as someone who has suffered from a disability for years, this is crucial. I’m a working woman who needs to go places and meet people. What am I supposed to do when I see a street that can only be crossed using a bridge that requires climbing over 50 steps?

I’m not an edge case. Neither are all other people who, like me, suffer from this everyday.

tired pregnant women…the elderly…children…people with shopping trolleys. The list goes on and on.

No user is an edge case.

As a designer who is always expected to DELIVER as fast as possible, I always have to fight for proper user research. No one wants to pay for research, so I’m faced with the tremendous responsibility of trying to think about every single person who could use my designs. But I know I always miss some. That sucks. I am very very sorry, dear user.

No user is an edge case. It’s an oath I’m trying to live by. This design is only something I did in a couple of hours for the daily challenge. It’s riddled by mistakes I know but it’s the best I could do in the timeframe I had. I’d love to expand this into an open source project though. It matters. People matter.

Important read on design ethics

I have recently finished reading Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro. and I think it is most important that every designer out there reads it. No matter what you actually do…if you design anything that people use, please read it.


As a new year’s resolution, I will design one UI shot for…

Hanan A.S.

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UI/UX Design. Art. Science. Books. Psychology. Deep discussions with interesting people . Long walks. MUSIC & gaming. www.designismusic.com


As a new year’s resolution, I will design one UI shot for 100 days (not necessarily everyday) and write about the idea, process, what I learn and anything to comes to my mind while designing, really.

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