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Writing challenges often feel very personal; a prompt to take writing seriously, a nudge in the direction of more regular output — and the thinking that precedes it — the development of a positive habit. Sometimes, though, you can be reminded that your challenge might be an encouragement to others.

Encouragement … ‘the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope’. Since we created The Encouragement Manifesto, we have sought ways to actively encourage folk. It has been in a very direct way; words shared on social media, one-to-one mentoring, that sort of thing. But what if the most powerful encouragement is more passive; something that hides in the background. That sort of encouragement emerges through example … an act or undertaking that triggers something in someone else and gives them ‘permission’ to do their *something*. Perhaps we all need to seek out those confidence-building opportunities. Because encouragement is a superpower




100 Days x 100 Words

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