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So Much For The City


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Cities, we’re torn … do we love them, or hate them?

Thoughts and ideas in 100 words

Cities present a dilemma. They’re shiny, bold, and brash. They crave our attention. Museums, architecture, the ‘buzz’. Moths to a flame, drawn inexorably to that ‘buzz’. It’s okay at first, inhale the unfamiliarity. Taking ‘pleasure’ from it. Buses, masks, exhaust fumes … exhausting. Fine Art; time stands still. Pacing galleries, marble staircases, eyes blurring. People. Step outside, but are you ever truly outside in a city? The oppressive rise of buildings, the crush of crowds … the pressure to ‘do’. Nowhere to set yourself apart. Nowhere to find stillness. That ‘buzz’ is constant background noise. So much for the city.




100 Days x 100 Words

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