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The Secret Pool


Photo by Nicole King on Unsplash

Where the local people go.

Thoughts and ideas in 100 words

The secret swimming spot. Whispered directions. Hushed reverence. Respect for hidden places only local folk know. Shared, guardedly. Overgrown tracks protecting secrets.

Sounds of falling water. A low hum; turning corners, louder still. Emerging from the undergrowth to thundering cascades. A natural amphitheatre. Rock walls rising from green depths. Surfaces seething and boiling as torrents fill the cauldron. Dappled sunshine exaggerating the luminous colours of stones, making beds slippery with growth. Flies snatched from their reverie by birds on the wing, gold flashes; gold medals for precision dipping; diving inches above a jade pool holding tight to its treasured secrets.




100 Days x 100 Words

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